Affordable Web Design 4 U, Disclosure

Please note that where there is a reference to ‘we /our / us’ or ‘Affordable Web Design 4 U’ on this website, this refers to both the ‘Affordable Web Design 4 U’ website itself, and its owner who maintains it.

WordPress Themes and Website Templates

The original WordPress themes and website templates we use to create websites for our clients remain the property of their respective owners/creators, we merely purchase a licence to use them for and on behalf of our clients, we claim no copyright of such original works.

Affiliate Disclosure

‘Affordable Web Design 4 U’ works in association with EZPZ hosting, and we have placed affiliate links to their website services on our website. If you purchase any product or service by clicking-through these affiliate links we receive a payment from EZPZ, this is how we are rewarded for introducing customers to their products, this payment is based on a percentage of the purchase price. Please note though that not all links on our website are affiliate links.

Merchants whose Affiliate Links are Placed on this Website

EZPZ Hosting (www.ezpzhosting.co.uk).