How long will it take to create a website for me?

It depends on the size of the website (number of pages), but usually, a 10 page website will take up to 2 weeks.

Do I need a domain name and hosting space?

Yes, you need a domain name and some hosting space initially, but don't worry we will give you all the help and advice you need to do this.

How much does a domain name and hosting space cost?

Hosting for a small business website costs around forty eight pounds (GBP) per yearly renewal with EZPZ Hosting, and each account comes with one free domain name for the life of the account (on annual packages).

Do you offer support and maintenance after my website is built?

Yes, obviously you may need to amend details as they change, for example, your telephone number or address may change, or your email address etc.

These amendments can be paid for as and when the changes need to be made rather than having to pay a yearly maintenance charge.

Are there any hidden charges or hidden fees?

No, absolutely not, for example if you opt for the £299 package of a ten page website, £299 is what you pay, apart from your hosting fee, which for a small business website at EZPZ Hosting costs around forty eight pounds (GBP) per yearly renewal, and each account at EZPZ comes with one free domain name for the life of the account (on annual packages).

So in summary there is a once only payment to have your website created, plus about £48 per year for your hosting renewal plus domain, the renewal fees would be paid to the hosting provider.

Later on, if you wanted to have some details changed eg, new phone number, different email address etc, you can pay for that as and when, and the cost is very reasonable.

Can you create a website for any profession or trade?

Yes whatever your profession or trade a website can be created for you appropriate to whatever job you do or have, personal websites can be created too.

do the websites you create adapt to smaller browser sizes?

Yes, all websites created by Affordable Web Design 4 U are fully responsive and therefore mobile-friendly, which means that not only can they be viewed easily on desktop or laptop, the page content and layout resizes to adapt to the smaller screens of hand-held devices too.

This makes browsing easier on mobile phones and tablets, where you would just scroll vertically through the content (though there may be a very small degree of horizontal scroll on some hand-held devices according to their specification, size, and age).

According to the Office of National Statistics fifty eight percent of adults in the UK use their mobile phones to access the internet, and if as a business you don't have a fully responsive mobile-friendly website where prospective clients can read your web page content easily, you could be losing out to your competitors.

I need an audio player and videos on my site, can you do this?

Yes audio players and videos can be embedded into any web page. If you are a musician a customised website can be created for you containing latest news, bio, discography, gigs/events, video, and gallery pages etc.

I'm a photographer, can you create a portfolio website?

Yes, a portfolio website can be created for you with a number of different page configurations for your work, including image flow, thumbnails, 2 3 or 4 columns, or fullscreen.

How come you can create websites so inexpensively?

Well, we don't build websites from the ground up ourselves, we purchase a licence for a premium WordPress theme, for and on behalf of each client (once purchased the licence never expires), and then we customise whichever appropriate theme to suit each client, that way it keeps costs down, and everyone benefits.

The original premium WordPress themes obviously remain the property of their authors, we simply purchase a licence to use the themes, and create customised websites using the themes functionality.

Figuratively speaking, we don't build houses from the foundations up, that would be far too expensive, what we do is purchase licences to use empty houses that have already been built, and then furnish them according to the needs of each client's particular business.

how would I pay, What payment methods do you accept?

After confirmation that you want to go ahead and have your website created a payment of £100 (non-refundable) would become due, with the outstanding balance paid just before your website goes live, so for example if you opt for the 10 page website for £299 you would pay £100 initially, and pay the outstanding balance of £199 just before your website goes live.

We accept payments through PayPal, and also accept cash. PayPal is an extremely secure method of online payment, and they accept all major credit cards.

I want you to create a website for me, what happens next?

After contact and confirmation we will have a consultation where we discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have. We outline the website structure and ask you to provide all the relevant information and images that you want to be displayed on the site, for example information about your qualifications/experience, the services you provide, any testimonials you may have, your contact details, or whatever other information is appropriate for your profession or trade.

We use all of this information to begin work on your website. The whole process is completely transparent and we keep you informed every step of the way. You can view your website before it goes live just to make sure you are completely happy with it, and if required any small adjustments or amendments can be made. What are you waiting for!